About Portman

Portman Ltd. started in 1990 from modest beginnings as a family run business. Since then it has developed into a well established supplier in Gibraltar.

It has kept abreast with all the relevant technological advancements in the IT world, and, as far as administration and managerial techniques are concerned, it has built up a momentum of skills and customer service to keep up to date with the exigencies of today.

Apart from our experienced purchasing, sales and accounting departments we also have our own qualified technical and engineering staff who are always available to offer advise.

Diversity is the name of the game as far as we are concerned, and we take pleasure in tackling all sorts of projects, and we deal with practicably all types of material orders.

Credit facilities can always be arranged with our valued customers and our aim is always for customer satisfaction.

We work on a twenty-four-hour call basis to ensure that we attend to all our customers´ urgent requirements promptly.

Our product range is so diverse that we deal with a very wide spectrum of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. Most of our products are, however, available from our neighbouring countries. We import all our products into Gibraltar and we carry out all the necessary import documentation as well as deliver the goods to our customers´ premises.

Portman Facilities

The company boasts a well equipped modern fleet of vehicles and an agile and enterprising delivery team, backed by two spacious warehouses, offering bonded stores facilities.

Portman Certification

The company is fully accredited under ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems (URS Certificate No.06570) and we operate a very stringent safety policy managed by our own qualified safety officer.

Portman Clients

Since this company has been in operation it has carried out business with practically every company in Gibraltar and we have built a trusting relationship with the local industry in general, so much so that we have a long list of regular customers, some of the most prominent of which are:

MH Bland
Gib Oil
Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services
Ministry of Defence
Gibraltar Bus Company
Gibraltar Car Park Ltd.
Gibraltar Government

Saccone & Speed
Sharrock Shand
Toyota Gib. Stockholdings Ltd.
Volker Stevin (Gib.)Ltd.